Asian Cancer Institute celebrates 3rd Anniversary

"Together, Stronger" is the Asian Cancer Institute (ACI) of Asian Hospital and Medical Center's battle cry against The Big C. Armed with bigger Cs—Cooperation and Collaboration—ACI provides patients with an integrated facility, housing both state-of-the-art equipment and teams of experts from a wide range of disciplines.

One such expert, Dr. Johanna Patricia Cañal, head of the Department of Radiology and head coordinator of the Conquer CCenter, shares what the latest technology can do for ACI patients. "The Tomotherapy HDA-H is the top of the line of all tomotherapymachines. With this, we can treat anything. It is so versatile; we can treat from the head to the foot and we can hit just the target area. It is so precise that the precision levels are from 95 to 98 percent." Because this specialized machine delivers radiation only where it is needed via CT-scan technology, adverse effects on healthy tissuesand on the patient’s quality of life are minimized.

Meanwhile, under the same roof is the Chrys Two Center offering supportive workshops on Nutrition, Herbs, Acupuncture, Art, Music, Laughter, Aromatherapy, Yoga, Spiritual Care, and Journaling—available for patients as well as their families. Besides aforementioned Conquer C Center specializing in radiation therapy and the Chrys Two Center specializing in integrative palliative-hospice care, ACI is also home to Chrys One Center specializing in Medical-Hematology-Pediatric oncology and the Emmanuel Center, Simply Woman Center, and Breast Center. All in all, ACI has four centers that cater specifically to different types of cancers and patients, forming a healing environment that comforts and heals the body as well as the spirit.

ACI's total approach to cancer treatment is highlighted this month, as they celebrate their 3rd anniversary. Doctors, nurses, hospital staff, neighboring hospital executives, guests, and patients are coming together to learn more about how to prevent cancer, cure cancer in its early stages, and care for those suffering from or surviving the disease. Featured are lay symposia on Preventing TheBig C, Head and Neck Cancers, and Keeping Our Lungs Healthy; movie screenings of Awakenings, Seven Sundays, The Fountain,and Wonder; a hospital networking summit; and a hair donation drive titled "Hair To Go, Life To Glow".

Being patient-centric comes second nature to everyone working at ACI. In fact, for Andres Licaros Jr., president and CEO of Asian Hospital and Medical Center, the war against cancer is also personal. "After I lost my brother to leukemia [in 1980] and had the opportunity to manage a hospital, the cancer program has been one of the services that I passionately support," he shares. "But beyond the personal reason, it's really more of a recognition that cancer, out of all the burdens, is the most expensive and has relatively poor outcomes. You are spending a lot of money and you end up losing your loved one, still." He continues, “The reality in most, if not all hospitals, is that you're being tossed around the system—you go to the doctor, go to the lab, go to radiology for imaging, come back for the results, then you're either asked to go somewhere else or to another doctor; when you are the one who needs help. We have designed the services around the patient and not around the provider."

One of ACI’s patients, Irene Santos, can attest to this. "Every time I go to ACI for my chemo sessions, I feel happy. All of the nurses are approachable and accommodating, they treat you as one of their friends. The doctors are also accommodating. Whenever I have questions, they are very transparent when it comes to what kind of treatment I would need, what will happen during the procedure so that I can prepare and handle my situation well.” She concludes, "Everything that I would need is right here in Asian. It's complete; everything you would ever need especially as a cancer patient is here. I would definitely recommend Asian Hospital and Medical Center, especially for their cancer treatments."

For inquiries on services related to Cancer care, please contact the Asian Cancer Institute at (02) 771-9000 local 5842. For other hospital services, please contact the Asian Hospital and Medical Center at (02) 771-9000 or visit

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